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. like it or not the grande prix is back. what to expect. >> a red flag for people. >> i would say so. e-mails at dinner and constant calls in the call. the test to decide if you are a work aholic. a calm start to the weekend but what's left of isaac moving our wait a minute when we are most likely to see showers. >> android users starting to unload their phones. why they are jumping ship. the news starts right now. it didn't look like the grande prix was coming back for months but here it is. the streets of downtown turned in to a two mile race course and now the city is preparing for another loud and another very, very fast weekend. we are live along the course with the look at what to
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expect. >> reporter: it's never as quiet in downtown baltimore as it is right now after those cars have been running all day and now they have stopped for the night. you can expect changes including possibly not as many people as there were last weekend. however, the supporters say the fact that the city and group were able to make it happen against long odds still has to be considered a victory. the noise level won't be any different. the experience might be. this year it's a game of managing expectation was predictions that attendance won't be as high as last year's 150,000. it's to be expected, the race on baltimore group came together and saved the race just a few months ago. >> we will see six thousand i think. >> a small dip in numbers and i think that will happen. we gave them one hundred days and look what they did. >> reporter: naysayers had to
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wrong they say. >> by sunday the street also be packed. >> reporter: he expects business to speed up through the weekend. >> the businesses is fantastic. we paid our rent in two shifts last year. i don't know who you have been talking to but we have found it to be a huge success. >> reporter: friday's big news on the course was just before the light-rail tracks on howard street. this is what it looked like last year. it's aimed at slowing the cars down before they the tracks. planners wanted more speed so they took it out this year but after a number of dangerous practice runs this morning this is what the area looked like this afternoon. expect more permanent solution for saturday and sunday. still seeing people walking around. just past 11. racing is ending a little earlier this year to try to get some of the people who attend the race to go out in the community and stop by the bars and restaurant around baltimore. we will see how that works throughout the weekend.
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live in downtown baltimore. >> and the grande prix weekend isn't just for people who like fast cars and a lot of noise. they made it a family event. a little special way to spend the weekend. >> reporter: in between watching practice runs and qualifying heats on this afternoon, families were making sure they didn't miss out on this fast field of fun. the family fun zone here is loaded with activities to keep you and your kids occupied in between those very loud and very fast car races. >> he is having a blast. he is watching the cars, gets to see everything. keeps watching for the target. he is enjoying. are you having fun? >> yes. >> he is staying here. >> reporter: the jackson family is down from philadelphia.
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>> just having a ball. lot going on. you know -- associating it with cars but, hey, enjoy the moment. >> it's a race. like, like when i -- boom like boom! >> reporter: translate that dad. >> he went on the rides, watched the cars, played with thsquad cars. >> i did! it was so fun. >> reporter: big kids can play too. >> i think he is enjoying this way, way, way to much. >> reporter: while the drivers here can't be clowning around. >> welcome to raceway. come on down. >> reporter: you still can. at the baltimore grande prix. >> one of those big thing that
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adult dear sir jump around in. you can find the family fun zone inside the track at the square. just across the street from harbor place. if you are planning to head downtown for the race or maybe just enjoy another part of baltimore we are working for you helping you get around the traffic and all the detours caused by this thing. log on to the website. you will find information about the race as well as a link to a map you can set so you don't get stuck in traffic. >> summer is winding down but you wouldn't know it if you were out received all the people moving just as fast as the race cars. . you know anybody down there, they will be sweating it out. that's what was happening today. it was still a little breezy. will we cooldown overnight in wyatt has a look at the forecast. >> i can't see you. there your. >> i tell you what. a sunny day, a hot summer day
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in the mid-90s. what a way to wrap up august. la day of august fitting after the hot summer. mid80s in the inner harbor. it's still a warm summer like evening for you. it's a crystal clear sky for the moment. a great night to check out that blue moon overhead. full moon and the clouds starting to edge into western maryland so tomorrow not as clear and by the end of the weekend we will face showers and spinoff moisture from this, what's left of isaac putting the rain down across the midwest this evening. overnight into the early morning just a -- calm and a few clouds blowing through. we will talk about when the chance torrian goes up this weekend. >> a man in police custody tried to get away by jumping out of a six floor window, it happened at the medical center. county police say the 40-year- old broke a window and jumped, but he didn't make it to the ground. he landed on the second floor rooftop. he was taken to the hospital
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for treatment. phone calls to the police the night a train derailed don't mention the victims. the train derailed on august 20th. nobody mentioned being aware of injured people on thei. the calls all came in just before midnight. several mentioned coal on the streets. >> clark county. >> you have a train derailed. main street. >> anyone in the train? >> i don't know. it's a huge train. i'm looking out my window and i see it. you know -- it derailed. > a fence has be installed so people can't get on the tracks so easily. the two women were sitting on the tracks when the coal cars tipped over. >> it was football friday night as a team took on st. paul. before the game there was a moment of silence for daniel
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who was shot by another student. tomorrow night students are scheduled to hold a vigil in support of their friend. the parents of that teen who was shot say that he is recovering. the parents have been at their son's side ever since the shooting. his mom said he is handling his injuries as bravely as he can. >> he is scared. he also -- you know, hears what everybody tells him. it's got to be done. they are just trying to make him better. so, you know, he can go home. >> there is also a growing push to get that woman, lady gaga to come visit him in the hospital. his friends say he is a huge fan. we have told something is in the works but you just don't know. the suspect remains in custody. he is companied in court next
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week. he is a ceus of calling himself the joker threatening to shoot up his workplace. today a judge ordered neal prescott to wear a monitoring bracelet. he also is banned from having access to guns. two dozen weapons were found in his apartment. he has been charged with making threats. today a social worker said that prescott is not a danger. what happened that you wind of covered in urinn a farm building surrounded by thousands of dead chickens? that's what people want to know about joshua shelton. he broke into a chicken farm and cut off the power to a chicken house. with no power there was no cooling and the 70,000 chickens died. he was found passed out on on the floor in a pool of his own urine. he said that he was at a concert earlier that evening.
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he faces charges tonight. more of us working around the clock, some trying to keep jobs in this economy, others embracing their round are the clock career. where do you draw the line? cheryl is working for you to see if you are a work addict. >> reporter: she had everything she needed to walk down the aisle, dress, flowers and her smart phone. yep her smart phone. she is such a workaholic she worked on her wedding day and then tried to put the phone into the dress so she didn't miss anything. >> my wedding planner removed it. >> reporter: she calls herself an engaged work aholic a new term for people who work long hours, not because they are driven by unhealthy things but they say they love their jobs and want to stay ahead. >> the economy today is really adding on a new level of
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pressure to the work force. >> reporter: so are you the same? researchers have developed a new scale to help you find out. how often do you hear others tell you to cut down on work? do you get stressed if you aren't at work? do you think of how you can free of more time to work? if you answered often to many of those questions you could be a workaholic. a doctor said she seeing a lot more people stressed about work subpoena she blames the economy. >> the idea that if i loose my job i will never get another job. that makes people more of a waholi, c. >> reporter: some say the constant connection of smart phones is creating the problem because they can't fully escape work. the days of separating work and family life are gone. >> the two bleed into each other. >> reporter: business owner up before dawn every day
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embracing the new normal of work, family and personal activities. he rejects the label workaholic. >> i mean is it work when you are doing the things that provide a living for so many people for your own family? >> reporter: he said that however you juggle the new working world make time to focus on what's important to you outside the office. abc 2news. >> that's just so very, very sad. experts say if you want to cut back on working after hours set limits, say i'm going to work from eight to nine and then stop. some companies have recognized the extra stress that can be created and are now enforcing down time like nights and vacations where employees have no contact with the office. thinking about unallottedding the android in you may not get what you want. last week. we will explain. . >> don't forget to check out the weather app because although the radar is clear as
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you go through the labor day weekend you want to track the approach of the rain. >> and a certain healthy snack is being pulled from the shelf, why its being pulled and could make you ill. when we return.
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. whether it's doing errands, traffic can be well, frustrating. now hire is a tip to get up to the minute updates from maryland's 51. get text and e-mail alerts after creating an account on the website. it'll give you drive times and problems on the way. we have a link on the website and as always, watch lauren cook on good morning maryland for updates before you leave the house each morning. you won't see much food at wawa because of a concern over salmonella. taylor farms new jersey said it's recalling nine products
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including mando, pineall and mixed fruit. they are recalling this because it may have been processed from equipment that's believed to have salmonella. it was on store shelfs in maryland, new jersey, delaware and pennsylvania. most of it had a sale date of yesterday or earlier. your phone could be worth a lot less. the latest court victory could mean a lot of android phones could loose value and a lot are already trying to get rid of them. >> reporter: apple's win over samsung last week is expected to have a big impact on what future android phones look like. it probably won't look like i- phones but the court ruling already having an impact on the resale market. market reports that resale prices reason android phones falling as owners of the
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phones are suddenly offering their models foresail. a 50% increase in trade ins in the past week. customers uncertain about the future of android phones and upgrades, some worry they won't be able to double tap on apps or zoom in on photographs we. >> we had a problem there. samsung and others insist that they are here to say no matter what and current phone owners won't loose features. some are deciding to unload phones now and buy the next i- phone. that's another victory for apple. what is left of isaac has knocked out power to thousands in arkansas, left flooding in louisiana and mississippi, neighborhoods were left under water in some areas as the floodwaters continue to rise. at least four were killed.
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we could see some of the impact of the remnants soon. now let's go to wyatt with a look at what our weather is doing for the weekend. >> we are off to a great start for the weekend travel. are you headed out maybe late tonight, down to the beach. wanted to wait for the traffic to clear up. a clear sky with a to you clouds, 77 now for current air temperature, dew point of 67, sunset at 7:38. so days are getting shorter. boy it felt like midsummer today n to the 90e. look at the weather over the skies above. state capitolo, look at the big moon up over the river. blue moon tonight. don't see this often. the beach packed down there and most of the delaware beaches. people know there will he be a lot of warm weather. take a look at the temperatures now out there tonight. we are seeing temperatures in the upper 70s, you can ignore camp springs, that's a bad number but most of us in the
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upper 70's to near 80. it feels like the upper 80s downtown. near 90dc and 85 annapolis. how is that for the last night of the month of august. where did the summer go? july and august. just seemed to fly by. almost no wind. very little breeze to break up the humid warm pattern. i will say this. temperatures will drop off nicely by daybreak. humidity moderate through central maryland. very leafy from richmond south and to the north of pennsylvania the dry ear. on the borderline between the muggy stuff south of us and the more dry conditions off to the north. a few clouds starting to edge in out of the west. we knew we would be impacted by the remnants of isaac. it looks like the impact will be greater as we go in to the second half of the weekend and especially into the labor damon. great rain coming down over missouri and central illinois, just south of chicago. see the -- it's reaching in to alabama and eastern tennessee. as we look to the future here
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this weekend with the future trend showers will be a possibility late day tomorrow. i think the better chances will hold off until the day on sunday. you could see a couple of rounds of hit and miss showers especially late in 9 the day. frontal boundary out of canada. the moisture coming down ahead of the front. a squeeze play and that could squeeze out the showers into labor damon. satellite view is quiet up and down the east coast but further out to see very active atlantic ocean, a couple of waves, hurricane kirk, leslie, all going through the atlantic but they won't affect us. tonight 69 with a few clouds, mild night on the whole. not very cool. tomorrow, we will say 90, still fairly hot. late day cloud cover. could there be a passing shower or two in the afternoon? absolutely. it looks very minimal. a better chance for a passing shower tomorrow night but again as i -- last several days the
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best chance for showers will come sunday into mop that. will also drop temperatures in to the low to mid80's with that additional cloud cover kind of working the temperatures down. so i wouldn't cancel plans, i would enjoy the labor day but just realize as we get later in to the holiday weekend the chances for outdoor activities could be impacted by hit and miss showers. a better chance each day but tomorrow just a very slight chance of a stray shower. >> hopefully get it done and see a lot of cars on dry pavement. >> if we could get through sunday afternoon. >> sounds good. thank you. after being off limits for two years this is another place you will be able to visit the reflecting pool in washington dc. the fence is gone and there is better lighting and clearwater as well as other improvements. it didn't take long for people to walk down to take a look. >> just makes you want to
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reflect. i guess it sounds cheesy. >> it's beautiful. you know much neater than that fake -- everybody is going to enjoy being here. >> the pool was blocked off for two years for repairs. there is more news coming up. first a look at night line. >> coming up on night line a whirlwind tv romance that came crashing down. what happened with chad johnson. and we go swimming with great whites. that's coming up on night line after the news at 11.
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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. week from monday you will be able to see the debut of the new talk show named katie. tonight she talks about why she wanted to do it. >> reporter: just seemed like a natural fit because i like to talk. i also like to listen and i just love conversation. i come alive when i'm interacting with people. i am interested and curious about so many different things, about people, about events, about cultural trends, about thing that are happening, all round us. so i thought wouldn't it be a great opportunity to create something, take a blank canvas and do something exciting and original and interesting try to do it every day. >> starting on september 10th you can watch it here on abc2. it'll air at four and then stay tuned for the news at five and six with kelley swoop and
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jamie. by now your kids are probably back in school and back into their routine. as you send them away you can be proud you helped other children get back to school this year. the foundation back to school drive was a human success. you donated enough to help more than 1800 kids, the program reached children from baltimore to talbot. on behalf of all those children thank you for your donation. one last look at the forecast. >> back to school, last day of august. >> i know. >> where did the month go? >> calendar we still have a few more weeks of summer. temperatures in the near 70s. here is the forecast. weekend there could be a hit or miss shower. the best chance will come toward labor damon. at least for hit or miss rain. don't cancel plans. probably not all play. >> isaac won't go away. >> no. >> we will be back.
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sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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. that's it for us. when we aren't here go to our website. when we aren't here you go there and don't forget to join good morning maryland on monday at 4:30 in the morning. >> have a good week.
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